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About Us

  • Our Vision: Get affordable CGM products to hands of every patient in need; and maintain sustainability of optimal maintenance cost
  • Our Mission: Expand modular sensing technology to other chronic diseases, which may include, but not limited to, cancer, kidney failure, etc.
  • Our Values: Quality is our first priority. All our products are clinically approved and recommended by clinicians for accurate glucose level measurements.

Uniscreen is an Indian Multinational Medical Devices and Healthcare company with headquarters in IIT Madras Research Park, India. Our products are specifically focused on a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technology, which are available at an optimal cost.

Our diabetic patch comprises a two-part structure, which comprises a replaceable/removable needle unit and an integrated reader/display unit.

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Product Features

The features mentioned below are specific to Diabetic Patches. In case you are interested in features of our other products, please connect with us at

  • 01 What is the Domain?

    Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Diabetic Patches.

  • Our CGM diabetic patch has a two-part structure that comprises a replaceable/removable needle unit and an integrated reader unit/display unit. Each replaceable needle unit can be used for 14 days. Based on completion of 14 days, the user may just replace the used needle unit with a fresh needle unit at an optimal cost, instead of disposing the complete patch.

  • The integrated reader/display unit is formed from our patented Electro-Thermo-Chromic Ink-based display technology, which is manufactured as a single screen. Such display shall be activated just by micro-Volts compared to high voltage requirement in LED displays. Hence, it may be easier to integrate such low-powered electro-thermo-chromic display technology in the diabetic patch.

  • The integrated reader/display unit has a first portion and a second portion, wherein the first portion is a digital display section that outputs a relative glucose count; and the second portion is a display strip section that changes its color based on the level of the glucose content. Hence, such visual insights may be very helpful for reading-challenged patients.


Meet the Team

Our team is a tight-knit, talented group of experts from different fields, with a shared vision of developing consistently high quality products at clinically-approved accuracy. In case you are interested to join our team to develop the future of CGM products, please mail us at

Radha G

Research Associate

Radha handles development associated with semiconductors for CGM patch.

Mahalakshmi MM

Research Associate

Maha handles development associated with technical and market research for CGM patch.

Lashmi Narayanan

Research Associate

Lashmi handles primary market research activities for CGM patch.



Bala handles modularity of the diabetic patch design and oversees other aspects of the product.

Dr. Parasuraman Swaminathan


Dr. Parasuraman guides in the development of techno-commercial aspects of the project.

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